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    Website Redesign

    A fresh look and feel

    Give your website the attention it deserves and improve your online presence.

    Upgrade your website

    How long has it been since you reviewed your website design? Does it look and feel outdated? Do your customers actively engage with your company through your website? Is it easy for them to find the information they need?

    Website design has changed significantly over the last number of years with changes in mobile device usage, search engine optimisation (SEO), and design practices, having a huge impact on how customers perceive your website.

    Benefits of a Redesign

    Modern design will attract more customers to your website

    SEO optimisation will ensure your website ranks highly in Google searches

    Responsive design practices will ensure your website looks great on all devices, including mobile phones

    Social media integration means you can reach more customers

    Fresh content will improve the relevance of your website and improve its position in Google searches

    You will have the opportunity to add additional features and functionality

    Work With Us Today

    Redesign Process

    Rocket.Chip Web Solutions will work with you to identify areas in which your website needs updating. We will help you to modernise the content and structure of your site so that it is more appealing to your customers.

    It may be the case that your content is relevant and up to date, however it needs to be designed in a more appealing way. Whatever the case, your redesign doesn't need to be a costly exercise and may only involve some minor adjustments and tweaks.

    Redesigns Include

    Updating Content

    High Quality Images

    Security Check (SSL Certificate)

    Website Speed Check

    SEO Optimisation

    Content Refresh

    Get Started