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    Website Hosting & Maintenance

    Keeping your website up and running

    Take the hassle out of managing your website

    World-class Website Hosting

    Web hosting is essentially rented server space on a remote computer which stores the files and information for your website. When a customer views your website, they are accessing the information stored at this hosting location. The quality and speed of your website hosting is vital to ensure your customers have a positive experience when visiting your website.

    Many companies offer inferior hosting packages that reduce the speed and reliability of your website. At Rocket.Chip Web Solutions we offer state-of-the-art cloud hosting powered by Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean cloud hosting offers our clients the following benefits.

    Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting

    Super-fast cloud storage - meaning your website will have excellent performance

    Incredibly reliable - 99.99% uptime, meaning your website will never be 'down'

    Scalable - if your business grows, your server space can grow with you

    Global servers - your website will load quickly no matter where in world you are based

    Competitive pricing - world-class hosting for an afforable monthly fee.

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    Website Maintenance

    Maintaining your website's speed, security and relevance is just as important as the intial design. Our team can support you by providing security updates, content refreshes and general ongoing maintenance. Minor updates and ammendments can be included for a reasonable annual fee. Larger modifications or feature requests can be negotiated when needed.

    Content Writing that Promotes Your Business

    Looking to increase your online presence and influence? Want to have a voice in your industry? Our content writers can work with you to create engaging and relevant content for your website's blog or email communications.

    Becoming a content creator in your industry has a number of benefits:

    Drive traffic to your website by giving users content they want.

    Influence your customers decision making by becoming their source of information and advice

    Increase brand recognition through engagement and social media interaction based on your stories and insights.

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